User Manual v5.0

Getting Started

In order to start developing with the AtlasSDK, the developer need to create a new HTML page, within this page he need to insert a script defined by AtlasCT; it should be the first script on the page. 
After adding the include line the developer can start writing his application using the SDK. 

Note: The SDK include script is specific for each customer since it includes his user name and definition of the AtlasSDK customized according to the customer application.  After purchasing the AtlasSDK, the customer will receive an e-mail with his unique user name.

Script include

<!-- AtlasSDK V5 Script Include -->
<script language="javascript" src='


The script syntax includes a URL with the Key parameter.  The Key parameter is unique for each customer and it is supplied by AtlasCT.  The parameter is required.

In the examples below the Key parameter is ‘AtlasCT_Key’, in order to use these examples please replace the key with the one obtained from AtlasCT.

Code example

This example puts a fully functional map on the page.

<!DOCTYPE html>\n<html>
<!-- AtlasSDK V5 Include -->
<script language="javascript" src=''></script>

<script language="javascript">
// Definition of the map object where 300 is the map width and 500 is the map height.
var map = new Map(300,500);
<!-- Write The Map -->
<script language="javascript">map.writeMap()</script>